Shaping future fashion retail with Tesco F&F

Investigating how in-store technologies and staff expertise could be blended to create a responsive experience for customers.

Client Tesco | Focus Research & Service innovation | Duration Four months

Client Tesco
Focus Research & Service innovation


In a crowded market Tesco wanted to strengthen the position of its affordable fashion brand F&F. We were tasked to run a research and innovation programme which identified operational enhancements, whilst also increasing customer loyalty and staff satisfaction. We set out to uncover actionable user, business and technology insights to structure a service blueprint and roadmap of planned innovations.


Initially we ran a scoping workshop with stakeholders to clarify the goals of the programme, gather existing customer data, and define further research needed. We invited stakeholders to map the current customer journey to understand what was involved and highlight known issues. From this starting point we then conducted a Service Safari with competitor brands to understand the experience benchmarks being set.

A service safari identified the competitive benchmarks for integrating digital technology in-store.

Research provided an overview of where customer needs were met by in-store technologies.

Conducting primary research with frontline staff and customers to understand retail needs, challenges and opportunities.

From the research we identified a number of key findings across the customer experience.


We embarked on an extensive round of in-store depth interviews with target customer segments and front line F&F staff. The findings were synthesised and mapped into a set of customer personas and staff profiles. These assets were then used as stimulus for an ideation workshop using co-design techniques to generate experience enhancing concepts. The concepts generated were taken through a feedback and voting process to highlight those with the greatest potential impact and commercial feasibility.


Based on engagement with customers and the F&F team we uncovered new service opportunities the brand could pursue across the retail journey. In close collaboration with Tesco stakeholders we created an innovation roadmap to schedule delivery of the service enhancements.

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Co-design workshop with client stakeholders was used to generate new customer service concepts across the journey.