Bringing staff and technology together for an effortless arrival

Self check-in terminals at Hub by Premier Inn.

Client Whitbread | Focus Research | Duration One months

Client Whitbread
Focus Research


This rapid one month project to sought to uncoverfirst hand customer insight around the self check-in experience at Premier Inn and Hub hotels. A key focus was in identifying any key sticking points or frustration and evaluating whether the modern Hub style kiosk could be used with Premier Inn’s in future.


We conducted research across six contrasting sites,shadowing approximatley 70 guest check-in journeys and conducting 15 staff interviews. This resulted in a prioritised set of insights conveying any issues impacting the guest arrival experience.

We conducted conducted research with front line staff and customers across six hotel sites.

Staff actively intervened in most guest check-ins, though the service model was intended to enable self check-in.


The key findings were taken into a strategic planningworkshop with the heads of the product, operations, branding and experience devisions. This enabled prioritisation and alignment around a set of key improvements for the next generation of the kiosk user interface and guidelines for future staff training.

Research identified issues affecting the check-in experience related to the kiosk software, but also the surrounding environment.

The kiosk check-in flow required re-wording in places to enhance usability.